The Product Costing web site is changing. Due to retirement the business is no longer actively promoting  software or consultancy services in the fields of Product Costing or Selling by Margin.

However, there is a transformation as the site is now promoting the Gout and Anti inflamatory books and Recipies by Rose Scott.

These are available as print books as well as in digital formats including pdf, iBooks, ePub, Kindle, and Kobo. The links below will take you to a selection of the sites where you can review and buy these books. The books are available from all good online books stores as well on the high street. An internet search will display your local suppliers.


Goodbye to Gout – A new Gout Diet by Rose Scott

The Purine Myth by Rose Scott


Goodbye to Gout – A new Gout Diet by Rose Scott


Goodbye to Gout – A new Gout Diet by Rose scott

soon to be released

Recipies and Meal ideas that all the family can enjoy and lead every one away from the pain of gout.




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